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A Masters’ Degree holder in Corporate Communication (UPM), Rohana leads Bioapps Sdn Bhd as the General Manager (GM). She was appointed by the Directors to lead the staff and open all possible markets, in order for Bioapps Sdn Bhd to score numerous prosthetics and orthotics projects.

Her leadership, tenacity, and reliability is unmatched and she is responsible to bring the company forward and lead the prosthetics and orthotics market in Malaysia.



Ilya leads Bioapps Sdn Bhd as the Assistant General Manager (AGM). Ilya is the right hand to the GM, and manages all Bioapps projects and cases as well the office and its patients. She is responsible for all marketing and sales projects for Bioapps Sdn Bhd and ensures standards of professionalism is practiced throughout Bioapps Sdn Bhd as expected by Directors of the company and University of Malaya. Ilya also manages Bioapps’ official website and its social media on Facebook and Instagram. A graduate from IIUM in English Language and Literature, Ilya is an avid reader and an articulate speaker who leads with her compassionate heart, as well her agile and tactical mind.



Hanie Nadia is a Masters’ Degree holder in Biomedical Engineering and is highly responsible for all special tasks and grant management of Bioapps Sdn Bhd. She manages her job is a timely manner and can execute all tasks assigned to her responsibly and accurately.



Nor Azalianti is a Bachelors Degree holder in Economics and is a branch manager for Bioapps Sdn Bhd in University of Malaya. She is currently managing the Brace and Limb lab as well as organizing some trainings and educational programmes for the company.



Khairiyah is the Finance Executive for Bioapps Sdn Bhd. She is indispensable to the company and controls the company’s finances with accuracy and reliability. A Bachelor Degree holder in Accountancy from UiTM, Khairiyah is a very responsible individual and reports to the GM and AGM on all financial activities of the company.



Esya is the Administrative Executive for Bioapps Sdn Bhd. She manages patients excellently through her courteous customer service by providing Bioapps’ patients with her expertise in handling all processes involved in the prosthetics an orthotics business. A Bachelor’s Degree holder in Mass Communication from UiTM, Esya is reliable and a responsible executive.



Naz is the Human Resource Executive for Bioapps Sdn. Bhd. She is responsible for managing all patients’ claims from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM), Lembaga Zakat Malaysia (LZM), PERKESO, hospital funds and other funding bodies in Malaysia. She is also in charge for arranging training programs for Biaopps’ staff especially trainings that is linked to HRDF.



Amir is the runner for Bioapps Sdn Bhd. He is an asset for the company

and executes all jobs assigned to him honestly and timely.

CHOONG (Medium)


Bachelor in P & O (University of Malaya)

asliza ahmad (Medium)


Bachelor in P & O (University of Malaya)


Bachelor in P & O (University of Malaya)


Bachelor in P & O (University of Malaya)


Bachelor in P & O (University of Malaya)


Bachelor in P & O (University of Malaya)