On 11 December 2019 until 13 December 2019, all BioApps CPO and Technician have training from Ottobock. Ottobock makes the training when BioApps manage to sell their C-Leg 4 above knee prosthetic leg. We got above knee amputated patient and our patient is interested to buy C-Leg 4 above knee prosthetic leg.

The C-Leg 4 is one of the best above-knee prosthesis. C-Leg 4 is the world’s most successful knee prosthesis. The C-Leg 4 is a mechatronic knee prosthesis with the ability to dynamically adapt to your respective movement situation.

C-Leg 4 above knee prosthetic leg

Day 1

The first day of training is focusing on theory. We trained how the C-Leg 4 works and how to control it. There has software need to install in order to make the setting for C-Leg 4 as well as to see all record C-Leg 4 activities made by a patient who uses it. During the training, some of the Doctors from the University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) were also joined us.

Process of learning
Mr. Mark Woolsey showing the function of C-Leg 4
Everyone tries the function of C-Leg 4
CPO Mr. Irfan Ali and Mr. Ali Khan with trainer Mr. Mark Woolsey
Align process to get right measure and gradient

Day 2

The second day, our patient came to BioApps for a fitting session. Our trainer Mr. Mark Woolsey and Mr. Desmond from Ottobock showed our CPOs s all about the C Leg 4. The C-Leg 4 can provide optimum support in numerous everyday and recreational activities. Suitable for people with a moderate to higher activity level, the C-Leg 4 could enrich life as well. Our patients are taught how to use C-Leg 4 and do some of the exercises shown by our CPO. All activities performed by the patient are recorded in the software.

All about C-Leg
Learning about components used for C-Leg

Day 3

The last day of training ended with an exam. Our CPO will take the exam for C Leg 4 Certification and rated by Mr. Mark Woolsey and Mr. Desmond from Ottobock. End of Ottobock C-Leg Training, we congrats to all CPO for passing the exam.

“The hardest you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it. “