Last weekend, Bioapps visited five patients in the East Coast to supply devices and to do private consultations for self-paying patients in hard to reach areas. We met Adik Wan Muhammad Iman Haikal in Ulu Cheka, Jerantut. Adik Iman Haikal received sponsorship from KITAFund and we hope to deliver his devices to him soon. Other patients we visited to deliver our services were in Kerteh, Dungun, Tanah Merah, and Kuala Terengganu.

The casting process for insole’s Adik Wan Muhammad Iman Haikal

We hope that they are happy with our services and we also enjoyed going the extra mile for our patients during the weekend. We hope more and more Malaysians will choose to get their service from us in PPUM, Kuala Lumpur. Adik Wan Muhammad Iman Haikal was the youngest patient on our list for the weekend. He is a 10-year-old boy and lost a part of his foot due to a mishap with a motorcycle (foot caught in motorcycle tyre). We hope to put a spring in his steps again, and a sunny smile on his face again, after he received new shoes and insoles with toe fillers from us. Confidence regained is confidence given. Hope to see all of our patients again next month during our session in the East Coast!

Adik Wan Muhammad Iman Haikal can’t wait to get his new shoes