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BioApps Sdn Bhd Is University of Malaya’s spin-off company, established under the Centre for Applied Biomechanics (CAB), Faculty of Engineering, on 17 May 2012. The directors, Prof. Dr. Ir. Wan Abu Bakar Wan Abas and Prof. Dr. Ir. Noor Azuan Abu Osman, have a vast experience in the engineering field and have been in it for over 30 years.

Undergraduate Program

Prof. Azuan was the founder of the Biomedical Engineering (Prosthetic & Orthotic) undergraduate program at the University of Malaya, the first and only such a program introduced in Malaysia. The first cohort graduated from the program in 2013 and gained careers in the prosthetic and orthotic (P&O) industry in Malaysia.

Initial Activities

Initially, the main activities of the company were in biomedical engineering research, training, and consultation. Since July 2013, it started to focus on prosthetic and orthotic services, operating at the Brace & Limb Laboratory, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya as the location to produce P&O devices.


In January 2015, BioApps started its operation at the Ground Floor, South Tower, University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) and now acts as the sole prosthetic and orthotic service provider for the UMMC.


BioApps Sdn Bhd now provides prosthetic and orthotic services combined with personal consultations tailored to your specific individual needs, using the most advanced products and manufacturing techniques available today. Based on the commitment to improve the quality of life of those involved and through the Centre for Applied of Biomechanics (CAB), BioApps is proactive in establishing quality R&D in the area of P&O.

Training, Consultation
& Equipments

BioApps offers in-house training as well as laboratory and equipment rental. It also focuses on giving training and consultation in the field of Biomedical Engineering as it has specialists and practitioners that truly stand out in the field.

Notable Local Achievement

The main local achievement of Bioapps Sdn Bhd is the design and manufacture of prosthesis for the “Bionic Love Expedition” project, intimately known as “Ekspedisi Kasih Bionik (EKB)”. In this project, an amputee completed 1092 KM of continuous cycling over six states of Peninsular Malaysia, an achievement recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records.

International Awards, Publications & Patents

BioApps’ P&O research have won various international awards, including the World prestigious Forchheimer Prize in 2013 which is the only award given for P&O research by the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) based on one’s contribution to the community at large. The award was the first to be won outside the US and Europe. To date, our P&O research results have been published in more than 50 international ISI journals including the Nature Scientific Report. CAB researchers have produced a number of P&O patents that had been licensed to multi-national companies.

Quality Products, Gait Training & Motion Analysis

The production of prosthetic and orthotic devices is in accordance to international standards, including pre- and post- consultation, measurement, casting, fitting, and gait training with additional quantitative analysis by using the Vicon Nexus System for motion examination on patient during walking to ensure that a quality device is provided. We have satisfied customers that gave positive feedbacks and comments which we will use to further enhance the quality of our products.