17th October 2018 marks the first day of our official presentation in the prestigious medical university, namely, the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. For the first time in BioApps history, we successfully introduced ourselves to the international audience which consisted of doctors and postgraduate medical students. We presented to them all of our products and services through concise explanations and live demonstrations of prosthetic fitting.

Our representatives, Ilya, Saros, and Raafi managed to capture and understand what the audience wanted. All questions from the audience received accurate responses from our team. They managed to build a bridge between Malaysia and Bangladesh during the interactive presentation done at their Orthopaedic Department.

The guest of honour for the seminar was Prof Dr. Abu Zaffar Chowdhury and Dr. Md Yusof, the Chairman, and, the Head of Department. Both VIPs welcomed us with open arms, signifying their support and acceptance towards our proposal and future services.

Demonstrating our body powered hand prosthesis
Our CPO presents the technical part
Reaching for possibilities
Memories in Dhaka
Our goodbye rendezvous