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  • 2017 – Prosthesis donning and doffing questionnaire: Development and validation
  • 2017 – A new prosthetic alignment device to read and record prosthesis alignment data
  • 2017 – Clinical evaluation of a prosthetic suspension system: Looped silicone liner
  • 2017 – Optical fiber Bragg grating-instrumented silicone liner for interface pressure measurement within prosthetic sockets of lower-limb amputees
  • 2017 – Analysis of voluntary opening Ottobock Hook and Hosmer Hook for upper limb prosthetics: a preliminary study
  • 2017 – Analysis of Interrelationships among Voluntary and Prosthetic Leg Joint Parameters Using Cyclograms
  • 2017 – An anthropomorphic transhumeral prosthesis socket developed based on an oscillometric pump and controlled by force-sensitive resistor pressure signals
  • 2017 – Effect of stump flexion contracture with and without prosthetic alignment intervention towards postural stability among transtibial prosthesis users
  • 2017 – A Pilot Study on Physical Performance Measures: What is Better for Knee Osteoarthritis Patients, Orthosis or Gait Modifications?


  • 2018 – Sensorless control system for assistive robotic ankle-foot
  • 2018 – Interface Pressure of Lycra Orthosis at Different Postures in Children with Cerebral Palsy (CP)
  • 2018 – Combined effects of knee brace, laterally wedged insoles and toe-in gait on knee adduction moment and balance in moderate medial knee osteoarthritis patients
  • 2018 – Effects of different foot progression angles and platform settings on postural stability and fall risk in healthy and medial knee osteoarthritic adults
  • 2018 – Improvement on upper limb body-powered prostheses (1921-2016): A systematic review


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