On 28th October 2019, during the Deepavali holidays. BioApps has set up a clinic at Sultan Ismail Hospital Johor Bahru. Unexpectedly on our holidays, we were visited by many patients at the hospital. Our CPO Irfan Ali did his best to help all the patients that day.

Cutting Insole to fit in the shoes
CPO Irfan Ali make a measurement after casting for TLSO Braces
Aminuddin was very happy to get his new Bilateral AFO
Alya Aqeela finally have their Bilateral AFO (Sponsored by Tan Sri Hadenan)
Bilateral Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO)
Casting for Below Knee Prostheses
The process of measure the shape of Insole
Adjusting Hip Disarticulation Prostheses
Install foam cover after 3 months patient used Below Knee Prostheses

“When we start to extend our abilities, and when we reframe prosthetics as extensions, then we start to shift the focus from “fixing” disability, to extended ability.”